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Dana Kusjanovic
Lafayette City Council

The Local Choice

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Why Dana is Running for City Council

After serving on the Lafayette Planning Commission, Dana was inspired to run for City Council. She is driven to promote accountability and transparency, and to ensure that all concerns and opinions of Lafayette’s citizens are heard. As a Latino and and first generation American ,and being Jewish, Dana has first-hand experience with minority issues and understands from experience, what it is like to be underpriviliged. Through hard work and education , Dana has become a successful business person and is raising a beautiful family in Lafayette. 

If elected, Dana will invest directly into Lafayette’s community, and infrastructure and will be focused on:

  • Budget. Budgetary decisions that will promote the best results for ALL of the people of Lafayette. Dana’s proactive and commonsense approach to budgetary allocation will ensure funds are invested back into Lafayette’s infrastructure. She will allocate significant savings to emergency funds and long term planning.
  • Traffic. Dana will diligently work to find solutions for the rush hour traffic that passes through Lafayette. She supports a plan to reroute through-traffic onto 120th Street and South Boulder Road. Enlarge 120th, and put a signal in at the South Boulder road intersection and through-traffic will be rerouted from main streets. An attainable solution to reduce the volume on Arapahoe and Baseline, thus providing Lafayette residents with the access they need. 
  • Open Space. Dana will encourage the City to continue to purchase (at market rates) open space. Open space works as a great buffer between cities and reduces urban sprawl.Open space is also necessary for wildlife and can provide opportunities for solar energy.
  • Workforce Housing. Lafayette needs a diversity of housing stock to provide for young families, for people who want to age in place, and so people can live and work in the same community. As a Planning Commissioner, Dana has already voted for housing (within the 3% growth rate) that has helped numerous citizens secure housing in Lafayette. She is also knowledgeable about national tax credit programs for local governments that support diverse housing and save 40% in costs.
  • Hiring City Staff. As one of the only Latinos in her departments at CU and UNC, Dana has lead and served as the minority representative on numerous search committees, including a national search for the Provost at CU. To ensure a high quality and diverse candidate pool for city staff openings, a national search will yield the best candidate pool. From that pool, Lafayette can select the most qualified candidate, whether they are an internal promotion or an outside hire. Dana will ensure transparancy, and quality in all hiring.

What Dana stands for

Managed, Responsible Growth

Dana supports a balance between commercial and residential growth. Residents support businesses, and businesses support residents. For 18 years, Lafayette has grown between 2 and 3 % annually. A sustainable growth rate that helps maintain public services. Historic preservation is important, and so are people. People should be able to expand their homes (while preserving history) without being forced to move if they need a bigger home.

Listening to ALL of Lafayette’s Citizens

Posted notices for legal change that effects homeowners and residents should be made clear and available to all people. Folks without cars and computers have been overlooked and this needs to change. The voices of the people who don't (or can't) attend and speak out at every City Council meeting, are just as important as those who do.

Responsible Fiscal Management and Leadership

Lafayette needs to prioritize infrastructure, and avoid frivolous lawsuits that are costly and don't benefit the community. 

Making Responsible Decisions

As a successful business person, Dana will will lead common sense educated discussions. For example, Dana  is against fracking, but she's also against wasting money on a fracking lawsuit (that the city was advised would be unconstitutional). Lets join together with Boulder County and other cities, plan in advance, and find creative solutions that will work. Look at New York and their ban and replicate. 

Investing in Lafayette’s Infrastructure

Streets, alleys, water, sewage. We need to re-invest in these basics. Dana will prioritize these crucial budget items and impliment a plan to repair or replace as needed.

The Local Choice

Dana is the local choice. She is not a career politician.

About Dana

City of Lafayette Planning Commissioner 2015 to present, Vice Chair 1 year

Please visit the City of Lafayette website and review Dana's excellent attendance and voting record as a Planning Commissioner.

Engaged and Involved Citizen of Lafayette for 12 years

Because Dana has lived in Lafayette and been a home owner and property owner in Old Town for 12 years, she knows the real issues affecting our town from time honored experience. Nothing compares to being a long time resident when it comes to living and feeling our issues and needs as a community.

Successful Boulder County Business owner 1988 – 1998

In a world where more than 60% of businesses fail, Dana had a successful business for 10 years in Boulder County, providing numerous jobs until she sold the business to advance her career in higher education. 

Master’s Degree in Administration

Professional Experience

  • University of Colorado Boulder, Hiring Manager and Administrator. Budget creation and supervision 2004 to 2015. 
  • University of Northern Colorado, NCAA Head Soccer Coach 1994 to 1999. Conference Champion two years. NCAA 7th in nation, two years.

Volunteer in Lafayette

  • Lafayette Elementary 2011 to present, 6 years.  Dana has successfully passed a long-term, extensive local and national background check
  • Sister Carmen clothing bank 1 year
  • Lafayette Rec Center, soccer coach 10 seasons
  • Trebol soccer coach 6 seasons


Dana Kusjanovic has been a resident of Lafayette for twelve years, and a resident of Colorado since 1972. Her father was born in Bolivia, South America, and her mother, New York City.  In 1996, Dana graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Masters in Administration and went on to work for educational institutions such as Boulder High School (7 years), the University of Northern Colorado (5 years), and the University of Colorado Boulder (11 years). 

Dana is the proud mother of two adopted boys.

Public service has always been an integral aspect of Dana’s life. Whether it is volunteering for Sister Carmen and at Lafayette Elementary to coaching youth recreational soccer, Dana is focused and committed to improving Lafayette and the lives of its citizens through community outreach.

Dana is deeply invested in the small town flavor of Lafayette and is interested in maintaining the character of our beautiful town. At the same time, she is an experienced businesswoman and entrepreneur with the skills and experience to identify what Lafayette needs to move forward with responsible fiscal leadership and promote responsible decision making.

As a seated Planning Commissioner, Dana is knowledgeable about the growth issues facing our town. Her voting record shows she is detail oriented, responsible, and studies proposals closely. She has consistently voted against development that would have harmed Lafayette’s neighborhoods and advised developers to scale back and create reasonable buildings that contribute to neighborhood charm as well as provide much needed diversity in housing stock.

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